Brandon M. Woo

BSc Honours Psychology

As of 2016 I'm a third-year BSc Psychology honours student. I conduct research on moral psychology. I submitted my first official paper as a co-author this year. My goal is to go to graduate school to investigate big picture questions.

I enjoyed the evolution unit that Celeste taught, so early in first year, I reached out to profs who are experts in plant evolution. The summer after first year, I studied toxic metal resistance in sunflowers under an NSERC grant. I realized that I preferred studying human behaviour, with its links to evolution, so I declared Psychology as my major. Early in my second year, I began volunteering as a research assistant in a lab that studies the extent that morality is learned. I became heavily involved with the research in this lab, and I contributed to a few projects under a Quinn research grant in the summer of my second year. I'm now directing projects of my own in this lab.