Luc Briede-Cooper

Physics and Applied Music Technology

As of 2016 I'm studying Physics and doing an Applied Music Technology minor. Also I'm starting a company called VisuaLife to build and develop lighting technology (laser arrays, holographic projection, etc) for use at live events. I'm the 2016 Science Career Information Fair Coordinator, I'm the cofounder and Technical Director of the UBC Electronic Dance Music Club and we recently secured funding from the Innovative Projects Fund to build and develop a performance oriented DMX light controller.

I got involved as an orientation leader, an exec in SOS and as a Sci 1 mentor after Science One which helped build my interest in student life. Academically I was actually really inspired mathematically and I love to share that with other people especially since many freshmen I've encountered have a sort of distaste or fear of math. I'm still at UBC in Science so Science One is a recent but significant starting boost in my academic journey.