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Students: Maybe you don’t have to choose your discipline

A Globe and Mail article talking about the benefits of an interdisciplinary education. Science One is prominently featured.

Jacqueline Siu recognized as Wesbrook Scholar

Jacqueline Siu (2012/13) was recognized as a Wesbrook scholar and awarded the Harold B. & Nellie Boyes Memorial, and the Harry Logan Memorial Premier scholarship. She also received the Cambridge International Scholarship, which pays for tuition and stipend. She'll be starting her PhD in 2016 working with Gavin Pettigrew on transplant immunology in the Department of Surgery at the Addenbrooke's Hospital.

TRIUMF's first Erich Vogt fellow is a Science One student

Jonathan Zhang (2014/15), an 18-year old aspiring theoretical physicist, just finished his first year of undergraduate studies at UBC Science One when he got the chance to do something that most students don't: collaborate with theoretical research scientists at TRIUMF.