Science One Team

Science One brings together award-winning instructors from across the disciplines, providing a challenging, collegial and interdisciplinary experience for students and team members alike.

Science One Administration

Pamela Kalas

Co-Director, Science Gateway Programs

Costanza Piccolo

Co-Director, Science Gateway Programs

Karen Smith

Associate Director, Science Gateway Programs

Microbiology & Immunology

Lucia Balabuk

Program Administrator

Julie McNutt

Scientific Thinking and Literacy (STL)


James Berger

My laboratory has been been studying the physiological and genetic control of events in the cell cycle and sexual pathway of the ciliate, Paramecium. Our approach has been to use gene mutations as physiological probes for analysis of cell cycle control processes.

Pamela Kalas

Whether I am teaching a large first year lecture, a specialized upper-level seminar-style course, in a classroom or in a laboratory, my ultimate goals are to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking, and to help students become independent learners. As a scientist, I aim at adopting teaching practices that have been validated through rigorous evidence-based research.


John Sherman

Professor Sherman is interested in the design and synthesis of organic and biological molecules that have well-defined structure. These compounds are designed to explore molecular recognition and to probe the factors governing protein folding. Projects include the creation of a new system of hybrid cavitand-proteins or 'caviteins', the reaction mechanism and templation effects responsible for the formation of carceplexes, and the creation of a new family of self-assembling structures (SAS's).

Guillaume Bussiere

I am particularly interested in developing new experiments to teach physical chemistry using a Hands-On Learning approach.I am also interested in teaching the use of numerical models to simulate experimental data. I offer RLE and summer projects to undergraduate students.


Costanza Piccolo

Brian Marcus

Research Interests: Coding and Information Theory, Symbolic Dynamics, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems

Lindsey Daniels

My research is focussed in the fields of applied math and math education. In scientific research, I am interested in applying mathematical methods to analyze systems in biochemistry, biophysics, and electrochemistry using both theory and computer simulations to understand phenomena arising in new technologies. In mathematical education, I am interested in leveraging math tools to identify key drivers of student success, as well as the effects of math attitude and math anxiety on success in the classroom.


Chris Waltham
(604) 822-5712

Chris's primary interest right now is the physics of musical instruments: He was also involved in work at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory that resulted in him sharing part of the Breakthrough Prize (Fundamental Physics), one of the most prestigious awards in physics.